Continuous Updating:

Our database is updated and verified on a daily basis and rely heavily on customer cooperation, research and direct contact with customers.

The "Original Blue Book" of Kansas has proven success for over 72 years. The Oil Industry is going through rapid changes in the Exploration and Service sectors, which justifies our publication being printed annually with updates. All Listings are encouraged to notify us of any changes as they occur. We provide 24 hour service: FAX : 316-689-6930 Toll free PH: 800-876-0119 E-Mail: or US mail: PO BOX 456, Wichita,KS 67201

ACTIVE Listing Status:

The "Original Blue Book" publishes only those Companies and Individuals directly associated with the Oil Industry and are ACTIVE in pursuing Exploration, development and offer services related to Exploration & Production. Many companies and Individuals exist, but request not to be listed due to inactivity at this time. We aggressively pursue the verified information provided to you and currently have a data base of over 3,500 Companies, Sub-locations & Key personnel.

In addition, we monitor and attempt verifications on hundreds of companies who once were known to be ACTIVE in the Oil Industry of Kansas and still exist ! Research indicates those companies are expanding throughout the Mid-West, thus our coverage to you must expand with the marketplace.

OUR CUSTOMERS do not want useless information on who's in business, They WANT TO KNOW WHO'S ACTIVE IN TODAYS OIL INDUSTRY !

Free Listings :

The "Original Blue Book" provides a FREE basic listing to all ACTIVE Companies and Individuals affiliated in the Oil Industry of Kansas and surrounding State areas. Expanded listings are acceptable to all those who purchase the Directory or a service we provide. The expanded listing provides YOU the maximum exposure at a low annual cost.


The "Original Blue Book" gives YOU a marketing plan to an ACTIVE and CAPTIVE audience within the Kansas Oil Industry and Surrounding State areas of interest. Our aggressive, creative Marketing skills are working for you continuously throughout the year. Custom tailored promotions can be implemented to suit you needs. Promotional items can be quoted.